34015 Torrence RD

July 28, 2017 Recently Listed

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”3042238″ showall=”true”] 34015 Torrence RD, Yoder Colorado – by Manitou Springs Real Estate. 34015 Torrence Road, Yoder Colorado for sale. This lot is 35.540 acres of flat farmland east of Colorado Springs in Yoder, Colorado. Horses are allowed.

Directions: South Yoder Road to east on Torrence Road

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Listed by Ila Quin.

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Information on buying farmland:

Soil Type & Drainage

Ask questions about the soil type. Ask for any recent soil tests, or request a soil test. A soil test will provide a report of the nutrients present or missing from the soil. If you have to add additional nutrients to the soil to bring it back up to a tillable state that will cost you more money. If you determine you will need to add nutrients, get information on the costs needed to do so.

Evaluate the percentage of tillable acres versus the total acres on the farm. Also evaluate if there is any acreage on the farm that could be “reclaimed”. “Reclaimed” land may presently be sitting idle that could be tillable with some additional work. This will increase your tillable acres and potential for profit. Try to determine the costs of the additional work to make the acres tillable.

Research the farm’s drainage. If the farm is terraced, make sure the terraces are in good shape and working. If it’s not terraced, you will need to evaluate how much erosion damage has occurred on the farm. For farms located in bottomland, determine if all the ditches are clean and if idle surface water is removed. The soil type and drainage on a farm will have dramatic impacts on the amount of revenue the farm can generate.

Items Included with the Sale

It is extremely important that everybody, realtor, buyer, seller and anyone else involved in the sale, understands in writing what is included in the transaction. A detailed list of anything you feel you are buying needs to be a part of the contract. The list may include:

  • Gates
  • Livestock panels
  • Portable sheds
  • Fence posts
  • Feeders
  • Treatment or removal of any existing farm or hunting leases
  • Any miscellaneous equipment
  • Anything that can be moved

See more at https://www.myfcsfinancial.com/10-points-to-consider-before-buying-farmland/