What is Carnivale in Manitou Springs?

When Spring is around the corner, it’s time for Carnival in Manitou Springs! Each year in February or March Manitou residents, business owners, and visitors from all over prepare for the big party weekend. Now known as The Mumbo Jumbo Cookoff & Carnivale Parade, the celebration has been molded by various historical influences, including but not limited to, Egyptian Pagans, Italian Catholics, New World explorers, AfroCaribbeans, Creole culture and the melting pot diversity of Americans.

In Manitou, Carnivale is a mixed celebration of old tradition and freedom of expression. This community revival fills our streets and businesses with a kaleidoscope of costumes, music, dance, food, entertainment, parade, and parties. It is a wakening from winter and propels us into the vibrant & prosperous season ahead. Carnivale is one of the many shining times to enjoy Manitou Springs!

By Emily Sawyer
Broker Associate

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