Manitou Springs Real Estate has an aggressive social media marketing campaign which gives us a leading edge in the industry. MSRE employs 4 people who update and monitor our social media accounts seven days a week. We can respond to on-line inquiries faster than other local real estate companies and we can post new listings as soon as they come available.
A recent development in our social media strategy is boosting posts on Facebook. “Post boosting” is offered free of charge to home sellers who list their homes with us.
Here’s how it works: we will write a description of your property and post 5-10 photos and a link to the listing on our website. We will then pay to boost the post on Facebook to ensure better reach so more people see and interact with the post. Post boosting increases the exposure of a post by thousands of viewers. For example, a non-boosted post may only reach 150 people, but a boosted post can reach upwards of 3000-5000 people.
We are also proud to note that we have over 1,600 followers on Facebook, and we are the number 1 most visited Manitou Springs real estate page.

Facebook post boosting is just one prong of our social media strategy to get your house the most exposure possible. When people search Google for properties we show up prominently as a Google Business page. We also re-post to Twitter, one of the world’s largest real-time, publicly visible sites.
We have a newly redesigned website with enhanced mobile-friendly design and an information blog (where you are reading this post!) Our website also features a function for personalized searches which display mapped listings.
If you want a real estate company with the leading edge in social media marketing, Manitou Springs Real Estate is your team! And remember, we don’t just serve Manitou Springs, we cover the ENTIRE Pikes Peak region.

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