People looking for real estate often ask us what kind of community Manitou Springs is. Our town is regularly referred to as “special” or “unique”. But what makes Manitou Springs different from other communities? Is it the small town atmosphere? Its location next to both a city and the wilderness? Is it the charming houses and storefronts? Our excellent school district? How about the plethora of artists? The quirky events?

All of these things contribute to what makes our town unique, but I think the fundamental thing that makes Manitou Springs extraordinary is its heart. Here is a town where a hundred people will donate items and/or bid in a silent auction to raise money for a young mother’s family after she died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Many of them never knew her. This is a town where someone will come up with the idea that we should have a bunch of small meetings leading up to a large one, so that anyone who wants to can discuss what makes up our town and how we can shape its future. And then, some of them will take action on what was discussed. Here, someone thinks we should put a community garden on a gravel lot and does not quit until it happens…and someone else wants free yoga classes for everyone and makes it a reality.

Sure, there’s gossip and politics and nepotism, just like you’ll find in any small town. But, the people of Manitou Springs are special—they talk to their neighbors on the street and watch out for each others’ children. The connection here between people of all different types is unlike anything I’ve encountered anywhere else. This is a community in which the people genuinely care for each other. It’s a community with heart. Stop by and say hi!

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