Why Have a Pre-Inspection?

Why Have a Pre-Inspection?

At Manitou Springs Real Estate, we offer to pay for a pre-inspection on all of our listings.

I’ve had a lot of folks ask questions about it, so I thought I’d write an article to explain how it works.

Virtually every real estate sale deal involves an inspection. Although it is optional, most
buyers choose to do one, and of those that choose to, the majority will hire a professional
inspector. The reason buyers want to have an inspection is pretty obvious—to find out
if there is anything going on with the property that they might want to fix later, ask the
seller to fix now, or that would make them back out of the contract.

But why would the sellers want a pre-inspection? Sometimes there are things that come
up in the inspection that the sellers weren’t aware of and then there is a scramble to get
estimates, make insurance claims, and/or get repairs done before the closing. Knowing
about any issues ahead of time gives the sellers more time to do the research and think
about what they want to do. The sellers don’t have to agree to fix everything that comes
up on the pre-inspection, but at least they are forewarned about any potential issues.

When we pay for the pre-inspection, we are only using inspectors with good
reputations—in fact, we use the same inspectors that we have on the list we give to
our buyer clients. But, that doesn’t mean the buyers for our listings have to use our
inspection–they can always choose to pay for their own inspection.

As you can see, having a property pre-inspected paves the way for a much smoother
deal. There is less chance of an inspection surprise for both the sellers and buyers, and
the buyers might even have some of the issues addressed before they make an offer.
It’s a win-win for all parties involved. Although it’s not a solution for everyone, it is a
valuable part of the service we offer to our clients if they want to take advantage of it.

©Rachel Buller